Highest App Score Changes for Publicly Traded US Companies under S&P500 Index – Weekly Alternative Data

FinBrain's weekly App Scores alternative dataset for publicly traded S&P 500 Stocks

Here is a caption from a brand new feature on FinBrain Terminal: App Store Ratings and Review Counts Dataset

FinBrain's weekly App Scores alternative dataset for publicly traded S&P 500 Stocks
FinBrain’s App Store Ratings and Review Counts Dataset for publicly traded US Companies

SYS – Sysco Corporation, DGX – Quest Diagnostics and FIS – Fidelity National Information Services apps have seen the highest percentage increase in their app scores compared to the last week.…
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FinBrain’s Stock Predictability Indicator

There has been quite a debate about the stock market’s predictability over many decades. Stock analysts, researchers, fund managers, investors and traders have both expressed their thoughts and concerns about what determines the stock market movements.

Efficient Markets Hypothesis

Efficient Markets Hypothesis(EMH) represented the idea that the share prices reflect all information and consistent alpha generation is impossible.…
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FinBrain’s Prediction Performance For S&P500 Stocks 08-Feb-2019 – 22-Feb-2019

FinBrain’s State of the Art Deep Learning Algorithms

FinBrain Technologies develops and applies advanced time series data processing, convex optimization techniques, deep neural network models and portfolio optimization algorithms to financial datasets. Thanks to FinBrain Team’s background in Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics and Signal Processing, a set of different methodologies have been merged together to obtain the best prediction accuracy for Stocks, World Indices, Commodities, Foreign Currencies and ETFs.…
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ReWork’s Interview with Ahmet Salim Bilgin, Founder of FinBrain Technologies

Ahmet Salim Bilgin will make a presentation about Deep Learning for Modeling The Future Price Movements of the Assets at AI in Finance Summit

This Q&A was originally posted on: https://www.re-work.co/blog/interview-with-ahmet-salim-bilgin-finbrain-technologies

By Hollie Jaques, International Event Manager – RE•WORK
August 22, 2018

Historical financial market data is the time series data from the past. It is one of the most important and the most valuable components for speculating about future prices.…
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FinBrain’s S&P500 Index Tickers Prediction Performance – 07/23/2018-08/03/2018

FinBrain Technologies provides future prediction models for S&P500, NASDAQ and NYSE indexes

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