Highest App Score Changes for Publicly Traded US Companies under S&P500 Index – Weekly Alternative Data

FinBrain's weekly App Scores alternative dataset for publicly traded S&P 500 Stocks

Here is a caption from a brand new feature on FinBrain Terminal: App Store Ratings and Review Counts Dataset

FinBrain's weekly App Scores alternative dataset for publicly traded S&P 500 Stocks
FinBrain’s App Store Ratings and Review Counts Dataset for publicly traded US Companies

SYS – Sysco Corporation, DGX – Quest Diagnostics and FIS – Fidelity National Information Services apps have seen the highest percentage increase in their app scores compared to the last week.…
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FinBrain’s Yearly Backtest Results for S&P500 Stocks

Hello from FinBrain Technologies,

Backtests are important in optimizing the performance of the trading strategies. They are equally dangerous as traders and strategy developers can easily over-optimize their strategies. An over-optimized strategy usually overfits the data and perfects the algorithm’s performance for the given test period.…
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More Than 50% Returns in Just 3 Months? Have a Look at FinBrain’s Monthly Tech and Semiconductor Stock Prediction Results

Markets present you with great opportunities

Every month, we keep publishing how our algorithms performed for the stocks listed under US Stock Markets.

The stocks keep moving, and obviously there is so much opportunity out there to generate decent profits.

But, how will you spot the biggest movers days or months before they gain momentum?…
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Artificial Intelligence Enabled NYSE Stock Predictions – Returns Up To 33.4% In 3 Days

Predicting the stock prices has always been a tough challenge for individual traders, investors and large scale investment funds. Capturing the trend changes and reversals, has become vital in forecasting the direction of the asset prices during the unusual times. We have witnessed price pullbacks, soars and plunges one after another during the COVID-19 pandemic.…
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