FinBrain’s S&P500 Prediction Performance Results – 28-Jun – 12-Jul Period

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We are an Artificial Intelligence software development company whose engineers and developers work hard to help the traders in outperforming the stock markets. We have developed specific data collection algorithms, which parse through websites and retrieve data from Financial APIs. The gigabytes of data collected everyday, represent the knowledge base to be used by FinBrain’s Deep Learning algorithms.

Processing and learning from vast amounts of financial data are performed on powerful GPU hardware, which is specifically optimized for Artificial Intelligence tasks. The cutting-edge prediction algorithm developed by our software engineers ensure the best possible performance on financial data analysis. By doing so, we are able to figure out the most likely outcome for the stock prices in the next time frame.

We keep outperforming the market with massive stock returns and prediction accuracies. Here, we would like to show you the prediction performance results of FinBrain’s algorithms for the stocks listed under S&P500 index spanning the 28-Jun – 12-Jul Time Period.

3-Day Stock Prediction Performance

As you can see on the tables, we have secured a 90% prediction accuracy within 3-day, 5-day and 10-day periods. AIZ – Assurant, Inc. has returned 4.27% within the 3-day period and we have predicted the percentage change value very closely as 3.16% percent.

FinBrain’s Long Portfolio that returned up to 4.27% in 3 days

5-Day Stock Prediction Performance

AIZ was also the best performing stock in our 5-day long portfolio with 4.82% expected change vs. 5.52% real change. We also achieved a 90% signal-wise prediction accuracy for this time period.

FinBrain’s Long Portfolio that returned up to 5.52% in 5 days

10-Day Stock Prediction Performance

UA – Under Armour Inc Class C was the best performing stock in our 10-day long portfolio where the expected change values are quite close. UA has been predicted to gain 7.17% value, where it yielded 8.26%.

FinBrain’s Long Portfolio that returned up to 8.26% in 10 days

Please note that we do not only provide signals, but provide the predicted future price points on the charts and tables. Our analysis results are not just buy or sell signals, but instead we provide expected change values. This approach helps our traders to figure out the price movements more clearly, while indicating how confident we are with our algorithms and services.

Our traders have already scored decent profits using our S&P500 Prediction Package which provides financial data and predictions for all stocks listed under S&P500 Index. Our data analysis and prediction algorithms were created to serve you in such a way to minimize your losses and maximize your returns. Sign up to our services on if you haven’t, and enjoy a 20% discount on all prices when you subscribe.

We wish you a successful trading week.

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