Forex Trading Results By Our Customers

Our customers keep collecting profits from their trades, utilizing predictions provided by FinBrain’s deep learning algorithms. On this post, we will be demonstrating the results of our customer Sebastian and his team’s trades, together with the charts and his feedback to us.

230 Pips on The First Day

On their first day of using our forecasts, they have collected 230 pips: 60 from AUDCAD, 105 from GBPAUD and 65 from GBPCHF. You can see the screenshots as given below.

Trade made with FinBrain’s predictions: AUDCAD 60 pips
Trade made with FinBrain’s predictions: GBPAUD 105 pips
Trade made with FinBrain’s predictions: GBPCHF 65 pips

1100 Pips on A Week in the Forex Market

On the week of Oct. 22-26, they have made over 1100 pips on the Forex market by following the predicted movement directions indicated on our website. They have also collected over 190 pips from USDMXN and AUDCAD, in a single day on Oct. 30.

Trade made with FinBrain’s predictions: AUDCAD 40 pips
Trade made with FinBrain’s predictions: USDMXN 150 pips

Here is Sebastian’s feedback about our services and how he utilizes the data provided by FinBrain Technologies to spot the market opportunities and validate his analysis.

I only play on the Foreign Exchange, my favorite pair is AUDCAD and USDMXN, but I also trade pairs with the British Pound. I have a very good ratio of winning trades, if I am out of the game it is mainly due to the too short stop loss point setting. An important factor that helps me is direction on the chart, which helps me to confirm the trend,  and the table, which shows me how big move can I expect. The rest are my own calculations. I use only Price Action, I do not use any indicators, even Fibonacci retracement lines.
My subscription is active only 12 more days and I’m 100% sure, that I will continue this one.


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