Most Mentioned Tickers on r/wallstreetbets – December 28, 2021 Premarket

We keep tracking the internet’s largest retail trader community’s activities and perform data mining to discover which tickers are being discussed. The ticker mentions extracted from retail traders’ discussions can help forecast which stocks can move sharply, driven by the retail activity.

Here are the most mentioned tickers on r/wallstreetbets for Dec 28, 21 before the market open.

Most mentioned tickers on WSB - Dec 28, 21 Premarket
Most mentioned tickers on WSB – Dec 28, 21 Premarket

GME (113 mentions), SPY (95 mentions) and TSLA (72 mentions) make the top 3 as always and NVDA, AMD, PLTR follow them with at least 25 mentions each.

The mentions of WISH and INTC have increased compared to yesterday and AAPL, FB, AMC, NKLA mentions have lost steam.

SI, HIMX, SOXL, GM, CLOV and U have entered today’s top 20 list, where they didn’t exist on yesterday’s most mentioned tickers list.

We’ll share these insights everyday, please share your thoughts and feedback so that we all can leverage the power of data together!

We wish you a successful week and a happy new year!

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