FinBrain’s NYSE Stock Prediction Performance – 03/05/2018 – 03/16/2018

FinBrain Technologies has started its journey with the aim of providing the most precise future predictions for Financial Instruments, to its customers. FinBrain’s Development Team has worked long hours for months, developing and backtesting Deep Learning Algorithms and Mathematical Models. Implementing complex algorithms to Financial Prediction area has always been a tough challenge, however FinBrain’s Engineers with strong Software Development, Mathematics, Finance and Deep Learning background have successfully overcome this problem.…
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How To Use FinBrain

FinBrain Technologies has developed a sophisticated Deep Learning algorithm to provide its customers with the most precise future predictions of Stocks, Commodities, Foreign Currencies, Indexes, ETFs and Cryptocurrencies.

This blog post aims to give a brief introduction about how to receive FinBrain’s Future Predictions for various markets.…
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