How To Use FinBrain

FinBrain Technologies has developed a sophisticated Deep Learning algorithm to provide its customers with the most precise future predictions of Stocks, Commodities, Foreign Currencies, Indexes, ETFs and Cryptocurrencies.

This blog post aims to give a brief introduction about how to receive FinBrain’s Future Predictions for various markets. Please note that, you can currently reach the 10 Day Ahead Predictions for 505 S&P500 Stocks, 3269 NASDAQ Stocks, 3133 NYSE Stocks and 112 Cryptocurrencies through FinBrain’s website.

Once you buy a package among the Monthly/3-Month/6-Month Subscription Options, you can easily login to our service and start to go through the predictions instantly.

After logging in, you will be redirected to the Markets Section, where you can see the future predictions for all the tickers/symbols in the packages you have subscripted to.

On the Markets Section, you will see a list of the tickers in the selected market, together with the predicted daily close prices (for 10 days ahead, in the Details Section), predictability indicator, and 5-Day/10-Day Ahead predicted percentage change values.

You can sort the list by Name,  Predictability and by 5-Day/10-Day Change values. You can click on the Show Details button to see the historical close prices and predicted future prices on the chart, the predictability indicator and the predicted future prices day-by-day.

Please don’t forget that, the AI is transforming the Financial World, and early adopters have the advantage. Buy a package before it’s too late!

And contact us at [email protected] for questions and suggestions.

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