Here is how FinBrain achieved a remarkable forecast accuracy for TSLA stock

Tesla Inc. has just beaten the revenue estimates for Q4 2022, which saw a 37% increase from the same quarter last year. Tesla also reported more than 405.000 vehicle deliveries in Q4 2022. They have cut down the prices of their cars as much as 20% in order to prioritize affordability. They are working towards ramping up the production at the new Gigafactories and are also planning to invest an additional $3.6 billion to their Nevada Gigafactory.

FinBrain has been monitoring the news sentiments, options put and call buying/selling volumes, price movements, US Congress Members’ trades and company insider transactions for Tesla Inc. in order to generate accurate forecasts for TSLA stock.

FinBrain’s AI Stock Forecasts for TSLA (Tesla Inc.)

Our AI models trained on fundamental, technical and alternative datasets for Tesla Inc. forecasted a potential 29% upward move within a 10 trading day period, on Jan 12, 2023. These forecasts were published on FinBrain Terminal’s TSLA Stock Predictions and Alternative Data section before the market open on Jan 13, 2023. Our AI algorithms predicted that the stock could potentially hit $159.34 level until Jan 27, 2023 when the last close price for the stock was $123.56 at the time of prediction generation on Jan 12, 2023.

AI stock forecasts for TSLA were highly accurate that the stock price has followed our forecasts almost perfectly. Please note that, even forecasting the movement direction of a stock’s price is quite difficult for a given time interval. FinBrain Technologies has set the bar so high that the stock prices follow our stock forecasts for a a given time period almost identically.

Most Mentioned Tickers Tracker is Here

Chart for the Most Mentioned Tickers on Reddit’s WallStreetBets

We would also like to inform you that we have recently enabled the Most Mentioned Tickers on WallStreetBets Tracker, where Reddit’s WallStreetBets subreddit is the Internet’s largest retail trader community. TSLA stock is among the retail traders’ all time favorite stocks and it’s the #1 Most Mentioned Stock on WallStreetBets subreddit on the given chart.

Chart for the Retail Traders’ Ticker Mention Activity

You can also explore how retail traders’ total ticker mentions have changed over time to figure out the retail interest in the stock markets. The data on FinBrain’s WallStreetBets Tracker is updated every 4 hours and it’s been created as a free tool to give a quick overlook of which stocks are trending among the retail traders in real time.

Alternative financial datasets and Artificial Intelligence are here to help you on stepping up your trading and becoming a better informed investor.

Becoming a better informed and better equipped trader increases your chances of beating the markets massively.

Visit FinBrain today and start your AI and Data driven investing journey without losing any further time.

We wish you a successful trading week.

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