What is the most accurate way to forecast S&P500 stocks? The results are here to speak…

It is an extremely hard task to predict if a stock’s price will increase or decrease in the near future.

Generating a binary signal that says buy or sell based on different types of data requires a ton of data cleaning, analysis, manipulation besides building robust Machine Learning models.

Applying AI and Machine Learning to Finance and Investing can easily go very wrong and out of control.

In order to get meaningful and reliable results, FinBrain Technologies perform intense data analysis on a number of traditional and alternative datasets for stocks, commodities and index futures, cryptocurrencies and foreign currency pairs.

The output of our models are not raw buy/sell signals that have no explainability.

Our prediction confidence levels are so high that we provide expected percentage change values for every single day of the next 10 day period and model the future price movement of any given stock beforehand.

We provide target price points for every single day into the future, for any given asset along with predictability indicators. As a result, traders and investors can get a strong sense of explainability with our AI generated forecasts.

FinBrain Terminal also contains Alternative datasets that has a massive alpha generation ability for stocks. When used together, AI generated predictions and alternative datasets can yield remarkable results.

WYNN Stock Forecast with AI and Alternative Datasets

Let’s start with WYNN stock forecasts between 25-Jul – 05-Aug 2022.

WYNN stock price prediction using Artificial Intelligence algorithms

The stock has closed the trading week at $61.73 on 22 Jul and the predictions for WYNN stock price were published on FinBrain Terminal a few hours after the market close.

FinBrain’s AI algorithms forecasted that the stock’s price could gain almost 9% value within the next 10 trading day period and reach to $67.2 levels.

WYNN’s stock movement for the given time period has followed the forecasted path almost exactly and the stock has closed at $66.71 on 05 Aug 22, with an 8% increase in the price.

News sentiment for WYNN stock was also positive at 0.21, which indicates that the market has a positive expectation about the stock.

Put-call ratio for Wynn Resorts’ stock was at 0.48 on 22 Jul, where the call options volume was much higher than the put options volume for WYNN. As a result, we can say that the options traders are trading the possibility of an increase in the WYNN stock price.

Combining the three different datasets, we can conclude that the stock price was set to increase.

Our algorithms and datasets have exhibited a great forecasting performance and our AI models have predicted the WYNN stock price movement beforehand with a great accuracy.

Ford Motor Company (F) Stock Predictions and News Sentiment

FinBrain’s Machine Learning algorithms have forecasted a 16.25% increase in Ford Motor Company(F)’s stock price for the same 10 day period.

Ford Motor Company (F) stock price prediction using Artificial Intelligence algorithms

Our 10 day ahead target price for F stock price was $14.90 and the stock actually closed the trading day at $15.30 on 05 Aug 22 with a 19.34% increase in the price.

News sentiment score for Ford stock was also in the positive territory on 22-Jul, which was at 0.268. Traders who took advantage of the AI enabled predictions and news sentiment data for Ford Motor Company’s stock, have enjoyed massive returns within a 2-week time period.

AMZN Stock Predictions, News Sentiment and Put-Call Data

Our algorithms have kept the tradition of forecasting AMZN stock price with a remarkable accuracy once again.

AMZN stock price prediction using Artificial Intelligence algorithms

Amazon’s stock price was expected to gain 10.5% within 10 days to reach $135.3 levels.

AMZN stock has moved in parallel to FinBrain’s predictions and reached to $140.8 on 05 Aug, with a 15% increase in the stock price.

FinBrain’s news sentiment score for AMZN, which was generated using AI enabled language models, was at the positive territory on 22 Jul.

The news sentiment score confirmed that the market’s expectation for AMZN stock was also positive.

Another alternative data that gives the traders a massive edge over the others in the markets is our brand new Put-Call Ratio Dataset.

Put-call ratio for AMZN was at 0.72 on 22 Jul, which indicated that the call options were being traded at larger volumes than the put options and the traders were making bullish bets on the stock.

The traders and investors who referred to these 3 datasets could easily see and confirm that the market’s expectancy for Amazon stock was very positive.

Thanks to the AI algorithms and alternative datasets, we once again modeled AMZN’s stock price movement for a 10 day period accurately and also anticipated the 10+% move in the stock price beforehand.

There is no better time than now to start taking advantage of the AI and Alternative Data technologies for investing. Visit FinBrain Terminal today and start your journey to become a data driven investor.

We wish you a successful week.

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