How to forecast AAPL stock prices with high accuracy?

We would like to share how our algorithms captured the price movement of AAPL stock with a great accuracy and how you can take advantage of AI generated predictions when making trading decisions.

FinBrain’s algorithms collect the most up to date price, sentiment, options and several other datasets on a daily basis for 4500+ US Stocks&ETFs.

Our AI models are trained with the most up to date data to generate accurate predictions for the next 10 day period.

AI generated forecasts and alternative datasets are made available on FinBrain Terminal everyday before the market open to give the traders actionable insights about each stock.

Traders can easily check the market sentiment, AI generated predictions, options put-call ratios, mobile app scores and more data at a glimpse on FinBrain Terminal.

Stock Technical Reports, Insider Transactions, Congress Trades and Analyst Ratings are also available on each stock’s page for the traders who’d like to perform an in depth analysis of a given stock.

Our Deep Learning algorithms are modeling the relationship between the price movements and alternative datasets to forecast the most likely future path of a stock’s price.

Here is a breakdown of how our AI stock prediction algorithm has performed for AAPL stock between 17-Jul-22 and 29-Jul-22

AAPL Predictions vs Real Prices between 18-Jul-22 and 29-Jul-22

AAPL stock has closed at $150.17 on 17-Jul-22 Friday. Our AI algorithms have predicted that the stock price could increase to $157.71 within 10 trading days.

On 29-Jul-22, AAPL stock closed the trading day at $162.50 where it followed our algorithms’ prediction path very closely for a 10 day period between 17-Jul-22 and 29-Jul-22.

Normalized Mean Squared Error between AAPL predictions and real prices for the given period was 0.632, which confirms that our AI algorithms have forecasted the stock price path with a remarkable accuracy.

Please note that the output of our algorithms are not basic buy/sell signals or percentage increase/decrease indications.

Our AI algorithms model and forecast the most likely price path of an asset and do so with a great accuracy.

We compare the real and predicted price movements quantitatively and share these results with our members on a regular basis.

Visit FinBrain Terminal right now to make better informed investing decisions using AI and Alternative Data technologies.

We wish you a successful week.

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