A game changer data that drives the stock prices: Options Put-Call Volumes and Ratios

AAPL put call ratio chart

A game changing data is waiting for you on FinBrain Terminal:

Options put-call ratios and volumes for every single one of the 4500+ US Stocks and ETFs

Options trading activity is among one of the strongest drivers of a stock’s price movement.

Large volumes of buying and selling activities in put and call contracts for a given stock, can skyrocket or crash its price.

In order to track the traded volumes of the US Stocks’ and ETFs’ options contracts, we have added options activity graphs to each asset’s page on FinBrain Terminal.

You can easily observe the put-call contract trading volumes for each asset on a daily basis together with the put-call ratios plotted on the charts.

How can you use options data on your trading decisions?

A large put-call ratio indicates that the put contracts are being bought and sold at larger volumes than the call options. And the traders or funds are trading the possibility of a drop in the given stock’s price.

Also a low put-call ratio (usually smaller than 1), indicates that the call options are seeing a larger trading volume for the given stock and a possibility of an increase in the stock price is being traded in the markets.

You can refer to the charts for the past values of the put-call option volumes and ratios to see how these values have evolved and if an unusual spike has occurred in put/call trading volumes.

Increase your trade success with the AI Driven Predictions and Alternative Datasets on FinBrain Terminal

We publish AI driven predictions, news sentiment scores, put-call ratios and much more data on FinBrain Terminal, on a daily basis.

In order to increase the chances of success with your trading decisions, you can refer to different types of available data on FinBrain Terminal.

For example, if the news sentiment score is at the positive side, the AI generated predictions indicate an expected upward move and the put-call ratio is smaller than one, than there is a strong indication that the stock price will make and upward move.

Also, if the sentiment score is negative, AI generated predictions indicate a downward move and the put-call ratio is larger than one, then we can conclude that the stock price is likely to drop in the future.

Accelerate your trading with the AI driven tools and Alternative data today and start generating consistent returns in the markets with FinBrain.

We wish you a successful trading week.

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