Weekly Market Outlook, AI Enabled Stock Predictions and Alternative Financial Data

(2021-Nov-20) – We would like to give you the updates about the current market outlook, unusual options activities, most discussed stocks on social media, recent AI enabled stock prediction performances and alternative financial data including latest company insider trading data and analyst ratings.

The Stock and Crypto Market Outlook

Dow Jones Industrial Average has lost -498.33 (-1.38%) points this week, while S&P500 was flat with a slight 15.11 (0.32%) point change.

NASDAQ Composite gained 196.48 points (1.24%) and NASDAQ 100 gained 373.45 (2.31%) points, as majority of the large cap companies reported strong earnings beating the analyst expectations.

Cryptocurrencies market took a huge hit and Bitcoin plunged almost 10% within the past week likely because of the news about the tax reporting requirements with the new infrastructure bill.

Unusual Options Activity and Most Discussed Stocks on Social Media

The Kraft Heinz Company (KHC) 2021-12-03 $36 Call has seen an unusual options activity with a massive Volume/Open Interest ratio of 135.2.

Xerox Holdings Corporation (XRX) 2022-04-14 $22 Call and United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS) $215 Call options also exhibit unusual activity with Vol/OI ratios at 67.6 and 55.5 respectively.

Micron Technology, Inc. (MU) 2021-12-03 $100 Call and Bank of America Corporation (BAC) 2021-11-26 $45.5 Call options are also worth keeping an eye on because of their unusual trading volumes.

Starting from the next week, you’ll be able to see the unusual options activity data on the Technical Summary section of each US stock’s page on FinBrain Terminal.

SPY, NVDA, RIVN, TSLA and LCID were this week’s most mentioned tickers on Reddit’s WallStreetBets. The Electric Vehicle market is hot and Rivian, Tesla and Lucid are getting so much social media attention.

Alternative Data on FinBrain: Latest Major Company Insider Transactions

The latest company insider transactions data is collected from SEC-4 Filings on SEC’s website and continuously monitored and organized by FinBrain’s algorithms.

Some of the major transactions were given below, and you can find all company insider transaction data on FinBrain Terminal under each US stock’s own page.

LAL FAMILY PARTNERS LP sold $684.46 Mln worth of EL – The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. stock on Nov.17.

Elon Musk sold a combined $6.9 Bln worth of TSLA – Tesla Inc. stock within the last 2 weeks.

Peter W. May (Director) sold $220.8 Mln worth of MDLZ – Mondelēz International, Inc. stock on Nov.17.

Rupert Murdoch sold $68.5 Mln wort of FOX stock on Nov.15 and Lawrence Page sold approximately $60 Mln worth of GOOG stock during the past week.

AI Enabled Prediction Performances for the Major US Stocks

AAPL – Apple Inc. was predicted to increase 1.3% during the 5 day period between Nov-15 and Nov-19 according to the results generated by FinBrain’s AI algorithms after the market close on Nov-12. The stock has gained a satisfying 7% and reached the $160 levels.

FB – Meta Platforms, Inc. (previously Facebook) was predicted to gain 1.01% in value between Nov-15 and Nov-19 by FinBrain’s AI algorithms and it has almost exactly followed the predictions and increased 1.26% in value.

Please pay a special attention to how difficult it is to predict the up/down direction, the amount of potential change and the time interval both at the same time. Our algorithms exhibit a great performance on forecasting the direction and amount of change in the stock prices as well as timing it correctly.

MSFT – Microsoft Corp. was forecasted to increase 1.62% during the past week, where it actually reached $343.11 on Fri, Nov-19 by gaining 1.9% from the close value of $336.72 on Fri, Nov-12.

FinBrain has forecasted a 4.26% upside on NVDA – NVIDIA Corp. stock for the trading week between Nov-15 and Nov-19, based on the results generated by the Deep Learning algorithms. The stock has gained a massive traction and increased 8.5% thanks to great earnings and new product and technology demonstrations on their GTC ’21 conference.

Alternative Data on FinBrain: Latest Analyst Ratings

We believe that the ratings given by the major analysts/investment banks are worth considering when investing into a stock. FinBrain provides the ratings changes as an alternative financial dataset on FinBrain Terminal under each US stock’s own page.

AAP – Advance Auto Parts, Inc. ratings were reiterated by 8 analysts where the highest target price was given by CitiGroup as $290. The stock closed the week at $230.

HD – Home Depot Inc. ratings were reiterated by 10 analysts where target prices by UBS, Raymond James, and Goldman are above $420. The stock closed at $408 on Friday.

NVDA – NVIDIA Corp. price targets were reiterated to the levels above $350 by Raymond James, Needham, JP Morgan and Jefferies. The analyst ratings remain as “buy”, as the stock closed the week at $329.85.

Data driven investing when combined with the AI enabled analysis tools, will give you the edge you need in the markets. FinBrain works hard to equip the retail traders from all around the world with the data and the tools that previously only hedge funds had access to.

Now, when you visit FinBrain Terminal, you’ll see detailed technical reports, sentiment data, US House and Senate Trades, analyst ratings, insider transactions, AI enabled predictions and more that will help you on becoming a better informed trader and investor.

We work on enabling more features and datasets that will give you better edge in the markets, while the profit opportunity presented by the traditional methods like charting, fades away dramatically.

We wish you a successful trading week.

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