Discover the Latest Updates to FinBrain Terminal

Hello from FinBrain Technologies,

We are happy to announce that we have rolled out some major updates to FinBrain Terminal.

You’ll now be able to access the asset pages and financial data for all 10.000+ assets listed under all available markets, on the trial mode – free of charge.

New Features on the Ticker Pages

We have made major improvements to the Technical Report section, which now incorporates put/call ratios, company major holders, earnings dates and estimates, revenue estimates and most recent sentiment analysis data for all US stocks.

Analyst Ratings and Insider Transaction data for all US stocks were also made available on the ticker pages. You’ll now be able to see the latest price target updates by the major financial institutions and company insiders’ transactions on each ticker’s page.

New Features on the Terminal Page

We have also created the Gainers, Losers, Upcoming Earnings and Sector Performances tabs for each US Market on the Terminal page. Instead of 3 assets for each market, you are now able to access the financial data for every single asset under every available market on the trial mode. The AI enabled predictions and Sentiment Graphs will only be accessible by the subscribers, however you can still get the sample predictions for 3 assets listed under every market.

The data that was available to the big players on the market are now also available on FinBrain Terminal. The in-depth technical reports, sentiment data, analyst ratings and insider transactions will help you on becoming a better informed trader. Please note that all this data is provided to you free of charge, so that you can make data-aided decisions and generate consistent returns using FinBrain Terminal.

There is More to Follow

Our team continuously works on making the data that was not previously available to the retail traders, accessible to all. Our financial data and AI-enabled predictions platform gives the traders from more than 160 countries all over the world a massive edge over the others out there in the market.

We enjoy every moment of adding new data analysis tools and features to FinBrain Terminal that will bring you another step closer to your goals.

We wish you a successful trading week.

FinBrain Technologies

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New York, NY 10005

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