New Futures Contract Additions to the Commodities and Index Futures Prediction Packages

At the times of COVID recovery and rising inflation, commodities trading has a great potential of generating promising returns for the investors. Futures and futures-tracking ETFs trading could be the opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss.

Having the right tools to analyze the market data and making informed decisions can increase your chances of taking successful trades.

Today, we would like to inform you about the new changes and updates to the Commodities and Index Futures packages.

Our new futures data source helps us to provide our customers with more reliable commodity and index futures prediction services. We are now able to display predictions for 80 commodities, index futures, treasury notes and major currencies on FinBrain Terminal.

You can now access the predictions and interactive charts for 42 major commodities futures on our platform. The AI enabled predictions for all major metals, grains, crude oil, gasoline, natural gas, agriculture softs, forestry and fibres futures are now available on FinBrain Terminal. You can access these predictions under the Commodities package.

From treasury notes to indices and major currencies, the Index Futures package now contains the predictions, interactive charts and technical reports for 38 continuous futures contracts. E-mini Futures, Dollar Index and VIX predictions are also available under this package.

You can also access the data being presented under all available packages, through FinBrain API.

FinBrain helps the traders on making better informed decisions and provides them with the cutting edge AI based analysis tools. Our team works so hard on developing the tools and services that can give you an edge over the others on the market. Visit FinBrain Terminal right now to take advantage of the technologies we have developed for you.

We wish you a successful trading week.

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