FinBrain’s Daily AAPL, AMZN, FB, GOOG and MSFT Predictions Have Generated Massive Returns

AI Algorithms Predict The Tech Stock Prices with an Extraordinary Accuracy

FinBrain Technologies keep publishing the prediction performances of its Deep Learning algorithms. The markets are moving fast, which means that there is a huge opportunity of making decent profits out there.

AI algorithms have a massive advantage over the widely known fundamentals and technicals based investment methods. The algorithms collect and analyze massive amounts of information, at speeds and accuracies much higher than humans’ capacity. This gives a massive edge to the traders and investors who would like to pick the best stocks to trade, while scoring consistent and high profits.

FinBrain’s stock picks beat the overall market performance significantly, as seen on the tables given below.

NASDAQ Top 5 Tech Stocks’ last prices, target prices and real prices were indicated on the tables along with the forecasted and real percentage change values. AAPL, AMZN, FB, GOOG and MSFT has yielded remarkable results between Jun 29 – Jul 13 time period.

Expected vs. Real Prices for the 3 Trading Day Period: Jun 29 – Jul 1

FinBrain’s 3-Day Prediction Performances for Top 5 Tech Stocks Listed Under NASDAQ

Expected vs. Real Prices for the 5 Trading Day Period: Jun 29 – Jul 6

FinBrain’s 5-Day Prediction Performances for Top 5 Tech Stocks Listed Under NASDAQ

Expected vs. Real Prices for the 10 Trading Day Period: Jun 29 – Jul 13

FinBrain’s 10-Day Prediction Performances for Top 5 Tech Stocks Listed Under NASDAQ

AAPL – Apple Inc.

FinBrain’s Algorithms have expected AAPL stock to gain 8.6% in value over the 10 trading day period between Jun 29 – Jul 13. The target price was provided as $384.05 and AAPL has hit $381.91.

The prediction for AAPL were right on point, as the expected change was 8.6% and the stock has surged 8% in value.

AMZN – Inc.

Our algorithms have seen an upside potential for AMZN as well for both 3-,5- and 10-day periods.

AMZN stock has managed to gain 15.3% within 10 trading days, which yielded massive returns for the swing traders and short term investors who bought the stock on Jun29 and held it until Jul 13.

FB – Facebook Inc.

Our Deep Learning algorithms have predicted FB stock to gain 7.5% in 5 trading days, where the stock price has surged 11.2% and exceeded our expectations.

The target price for FB was given as $233.78 and the stock has hit $239.00 on Jul 13. FinBrain once again predicted the price movement direction correctly, and the target price very closely.

GOOG – Alphabet Inc. Class C

GOOG stock has yielded remarkable returns within the 10-day period as well. The stock has surged more than 11% between Jun 29 – Jul 13, where we expected a 5.8% upside on GOOG stock.

MSFT – Microsoft Corp.

MSFT is another tech company that’s been doing well since the downfall of March 2020. FinBrain Technologies has been posting MSFT stock predictions, with strong upward expectations since then.

The stock was expected to gain 2.9% within 10 trading days, and the stock has surged 5.5% during this period.

AI Algorithms Help Traders With Beating The Markets

As clearly seen from the results above, the Deep Learning algorithms also give a massive edge to the investors who choose to invest for longer time periods. FinBrain helps the traders and investors in spotting the best opportunities in the market by analyzing massive amounts of financial data on their behalf.

Our unmatched capability of collecting and analyzing stock prices, market movements, indicators and news for more than 11.000 financial assets, which makes it much easier for the traders to generate consistent profits.

FinBrain Technologies provides AI enabled daily and monthly predictions for US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia stocks, commodities, foreign currencies and exchange traded funds on FinBrain Terminal.

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