Artificial Intelligence Enabled NYSE Stock Predictions – Returns Up To 33.4% In 3 Days

Predicting the stock prices has always been a tough challenge for individual traders, investors and large scale investment funds. Capturing the trend changes and reversals, has become vital in forecasting the direction of the asset prices during the unusual times. We have witnessed price pullbacks, soars and plunges one after another during the COVID-19 pandemic. The uncertainty still goes on, and traders would like to profit from these large magnitude movements in the asset prices.

The Artificial Intelligence algorithms developed by FinBrain Technologies have continuously been collecting and analyzing the market data consisting of asset prices, technical indicators and market sentiment. Our Deep Learning models run on gigabytes of data every single day, and learn how the asset prices reacted to those changes in the current market conditions. The models developed by FinBrain Technologies perform the “learning” process by mathematically optimizing the artificial neuron weights, based on the collected data. Our AI models have been structured in such a way that, the trend reversals and changes in the market conditions are captured pretty fast.

FinBrain Technologies currently provides the predictions for more than 10.000 financial assets, including US&World Stocks, Commodities, Exchange Traded Funds, Foreign Currency Pairs and Cryptocurrencies. Our members gain access to 10 day ahead price prediction tables and charts, Daily Automated Technical Reports, Predictability Indicators for every single asset available and Highest Return / Highest Predictability Assets, which are all updated on a daily basis.

The performance results of the stocks picked by our algorithms for the 3-day (27-29-Apr-2020) and 5-day (27-01-May-2020) periods for the NYSE market are given below.

FinBrain’s 3-Day NYSE Portfolio Returns

FinBrain’s Top-10 Highest Expected Return stocks listed under the NYSE index have returned 16.81% on average within the 3-day 27-29 Apr 2020 period. The signal-wise prediction accuracy was 100%, where the movement directions of all 10 assets were predicted correctly. Maximum return during this period has been yielded by AZUL with a 33.42% soar in the stock price within 3 days.

FinBrain’s 5-Day NYSE Portfolio Returns

Our 5-Day Highest Expected Return NYSE stocks portfolio has returned 8.94%, with a maximum return yielded by DKL as 34.23%. The movement directions of 8 out of 10 stocks have been correctly predicted by FinBrain’s algorithms.

Please note that, FinBrain’s algorithms provide the target price points for every single day within the next 10 day period. Our algorithms do not just provide buy or sell signals, but instead, provide the predicted 3-day/5-day/10-day price changes. This fact alone, indicates the confidence level of our predictions. The predicted price points for the next 10-day period are provided on charts and tables on FinBrain’s website along with predictability indicators and other various financial data.

FinBrain Terminal

We are happy to announce that, FinBrain Terminal will be available for all our customers very soon. Interactive charts, 12-month ahead predictions and many other new features will be available within FinBrain Terminal. Please stay tuned for the release of our new website, which will create a huge impact for the traders. FinBrain Terminal will help you in yielding consistent returns and beating the market significantly, using the Artificial Intelligence Technologies.

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