FinBrain Dedicates Its GPU Power To Fight COVID-19 Disease

Folding@home project, which uses crowdsourced computing power to run simulations of proteins for researchers studying diseases, analyzes proteins found in the coronavirus behind the ongoing pandemic. These proteins are the tools that help the virus infect human cells. Using computer simulations, researchers are mapping the coronavirus’s proteins, in hopes of revealing vulnerabilities that can be attacked with new drugs.

FinBrain Technologies has dedicated the GPUs on its local machines to support fighting the COVID-19 disease. The GPUs accelerate the simulations dramatically and gain the researchers a significant time in understanding the protein structure of the virus and finding the cure.

Our GPUs start training the neural networks everyday after the markets close, and the results are made available hours before the markets open the next day. We are happy to allocate our excess computational resources to fight COVID-19 disease, and keep them running for another 8 to 10 hours a day.

Folding@home simulations give scientists a chance to uncover potential docking sites for drugs and doing so can reveal new therapeutic opportunities.

As FinBrain Technologies, we strongly believe that the humanity will fight and win against the COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate the efforts exhibited by the scientists and health care workers, and we will continue supporting the fight against the coronavirus pandemic with all the computational resources we have.

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