AI Algorithms Predicting DOW30 Stocks – Up To 4.11% Returns in 3 Trading Days

The markets have scored impressive gains in 2019. The Dow Jones Industrial Average(DJIA) has risen 23%, The S&P500 Index has returned 29% and NASDAQ Composite Index has yielded 36% throughout the year.

Traders from all over the world, utilizing FinBrain’s AI enabled predictions have also yielded consistent returns changing between 1.5-2.5% on a weekly basis. Our 3,5,10-day ahead predictions have modeled the future price paths of thousands of assets under Stock, Commodity, Foreign Exchange, ETF and Cryptocurrency markets. The Deep Learning algorithms developed by FinBrain has demonstrated signal-wise prediction accuracies varying between 65-85% on a weekly basis as well.

Our Top 10 Portfolios which we’ve brought together for different asset classes have yielded 60-100% signal-wise prediction accuracy on a weekly and bi-weekly basis. We have shared those results with our members on a periodical basis as well. Majority of our traders have opened Long positions based on our Top 10 Highest Return portfolios, and followed the price paths for the given assets on the charts, which were also published on our website. We have always suggested our traders to place stop losses at 1-2%, and by doing so, they were able to enjoy the profits on the correct predictions and cut losses on the losing trades.

As the final prediction performance demonstration of the year, we would like share the results for the 12-Dec-2019 – 26-Dec-2019 period under DOW30, with you. The markets have rallied during this period, NASDAQ Composite Index has broken above the 9,000 mark for the first time on Thursday, where DOW rose to 28,621 and S&P advanced to 3,239. Thanks to the strong holiday sales and the reports on Chinese Industrial production, the investor sentiment was high and the markets have ended this period strong.

Top 10 DOW30 Stocks Portfolio – 3-Day Period

Our Top 10 DOW30 Stocks Portfolio, which was specifically created for the 12-16-Dec-2019 Period has returned 1.94% on average. The top mover in this portfolio was UNH – UnitedHealth Group Inc. with a 4.11% gain in the stock price, followed by a 3.35% increase in AAPL – Apple Inc. stock. 9 out of 10 stocks were predicted correctly by our AI algorithms, and the only incorrect prediction was WBA, which has lost a tiny 0.36% in value.

Top 10 DOW30 Stocks Portfolio – 5-Day Period

The Top 10 Portfolio given for the 12-18-Dec-2019 Period has correctly predicted 8 out of 10 long positions. The portfolio has returned 1.60% on average during this period, and the top gainer was again UNH with a 4.42% in value. GS – Goldman Sachs Group Inc followed UNH closely with a 4.18% increase in the value.

Top 10 DOW30 Stocks Portfolio – 5-Day Period

The Top 10 Portfolio given for the 12-26-Dec-2019 Period has returned 2.55% on average, correctly predicting the 9 out of 10 long positions. AAPL was by far the best performing stock for the 10 day period, with a 7.06% increase in the stock’s value. Please also note that, AAPL stock has surged 84% since January thanks to the iPhone and AirPods sales. The agreement on a phase one trade deal with China also relieved Apple Inc. on tariffs, and the stock closed the year strong. UNH and INTC followed AAPL’s increase with 5.40% and 4.81% gains in the stocks’ value during the 10 day period. BA – Boeing Co. stock was the only incorrect prediction during this period, as the issues with 737 MAX still continue.

Our algorithms keep helping the traders from more than 140 countries from all around the world, with generating alpha and minimizing risks. FinBrain’s AI algorithms successfully analyze the asset prices and market conditions to predict what’s next for the stocks, commodities, currency pairs, exchange traded funds and cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. Our AI algorithms spot the best market opportunities for many traders in beating markets and generating decent profits. Subscribe now and become one of the traders who utilize the most cutting edge artificial intelligence technologies in their trades and investments.

We wish you a successful new year.

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