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FinBrain currently provides AI Enabled Predictions for all assets listed under Foreign Exchange, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Exchange Traded Funds, 4 US Stock Markets and 3 World Stock Markets. Our 10 day ahead predictions are provided in the form of charts and tables, along with a Predictability Indicator and Automated Technical Analysis Report which are updated on a daily basis. As of September 2019, more than 7000 assets are analyzed and predicted by our Deep Learning algorithms.

The AI enabled predictions are generated based on historical open, high, low, close prices, a number of technical indicators and the overall market sentiment for every single asset available. FinBrain collects vast sums of data, analyzes them with Deep Learning algorithms running on powerful GPU units and provides the most accurate predictions before the markets open everyday. Traders from more than 130 countries all around the world – dominated by US, Canada, Australia, UK and Europe – utilize FinBrain’s services to better understand the direction of the asset prices as well as to automate and shorten the analysis process. Our algorithms process qualitative and quantitative data beyond any human’s capacity to analyze and interpret, and this creates a massive advantage for the traders who utilize AI enabled tools over who don’t.

We are happy to inform you that our algorithms are performing remarkably well for the newly added World Stock Markets FTSE100, DAX and TSX. In this post we would like to share the prediction accuracy and percentage gain values of our Top 10 Stocks Portfolio under German DAX Index for the 23-Aug-2019 – 06-Sep-2019 Period.

FinBrain’s High Return German DAX Stock Predictions

The 2 week portfolio has returned 5.88% on average, where the German DAX Index has gained 4.44% between 23-Aug – 06-Sep. Our Top Portfolio has correctly predicted the price direction of 10 out of 10 stocks, with a maximum return of 9.53% yielded by Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank was followed by Infineon Technologies with 8.83% and Henkel with 7.56% returns. Please note that, the expected change and real change values for the 10 day period were very close for all assets.

We strongly suggest you to utilize our Deep Learning enabled predictions for US & World Stock Markets as well as Foreign Currencies, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies and ETFs. Subscribing to the packages of your interest will make it much easier for you to filter the highest return and highest predictability stocks and automate your technical analysis. Don’t miss the chance of getting extra 20% off on all predictions when you choose the subscription option and maximize your returns with our AI algorithms.

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