Germany DAX, Canada TSX Predictions and Technical Analysis Report Have Been Made Available

Hello from FinBrain Technologies !

After getting Commodities and UK FTSE 100 predictions available on our website, we are happy to announce that Germany DAX and Canada Toronto Stock Exchange(TSX) predictions are now available on our website. DAX prediction package covers 30 stocks and TSX predictions cover 650 stocks that are analyzed and predicted by our Deep Learning algorithms on a daily basis. With this advancement, the total number of financial assets predicted by FinBrain Technologies on a daily basis has been raised to more than 7000.

We also would like to inform you about our new feature: Automated Technical Analysis Report. Our Deep Learning algorithms analyze historical pricing data, technical indicators and market sentiment to predict the asset price movements in the next time steps. In addition to that, we have enabled a rule based algorithm that generates a report of the technical outlook for every single stock, commodity, foreign currency pair and exchange traded fund available on our website. The new algorithm analyzes technical indicators such as RSI, MACD, SMA, Bollinger Bands and daily asset close prices to create a technical report for all assets listed under the available prediction packages.

The Automated Technical Analysis Reports are accessible at the Predictions Page on our website. We strongly believe that this new feature will create an edge for the traders by making the Technical Data easily accessible and understandable while combining the predictive powers of the AI algorithms and rule based algorithms. This hybrid approach will help the traders that combine a number of indicators and the results of our algorithms to take trades.

We are looking forward to hear your suggestions and feedback about our new feature. We will be more than happy to develop it further with the help of our traders.

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