FinBrain’s Commodities Prediction Performance – 90% Accuracy

FinBrain’s algorithms analyze and predict the future price movements of more than 6000 US Stocks, ETFs, Foreign Currency pairs, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. Our Deep Learning models analyze the current and historical pricing and technical data, as well as the market sentiment, and use this information in predicting future prices. The prediction results become available to our subscribers on our website, every day before the markets open in the form of charts and tables.

Our traders gain access for the predictions of every single asset listed under their package of interest, right after completing the subscription. Highest expected return and most predictable stocks are also available for traders on the Predictions page. Day Traders, Swing Traders and Long Term Investors utilize FinBrain’s AI enabled tools to pick the highest return and lowest risk stocks. We keep posting how our Top Long and Top Short portfolios have performed over the time.

The 3-Day Top Long Portfolio given below, was made available to our traders on Friday, Aug 02 before the markets open. Our traders who picked the commodities to trade based on this portfolio have achieved up to 3.94% returns within 3 days.

FinBrain’s High Return Commodities Portfolio

The markets have experienced a huge volatility over the 02-06-Aug-2019 period. Investors were concerned about the trade war between US and China as well as FED’s interest rate adjustments. Markets have seen a severe sell-off after Trumps threats about raising tariffs on China.

Despite the markets making ups and downs within our 3-day prediction period, FinBrain’s Commodities Portfolio has yielded a 90% prediction accuracy and up to 3.94% returns. The top performing asset under our portfolio was Gold where our algorithms have correctly predicted the surge in Gold prices, since we made the Commodities prediction package available. Orange juice, corn, wheat, lumber, palladium and soybean prices have also been correctly and closely predicted by FinBrain’s AI algorithms.

If you would like to build portfolios resistant to changing market conditions and volatility, FinBrain’s services are here to help you. Thanks to our AI-based and data-driven approach, we are able to predict thousands of assets under different assets classes with a remarkable prediction accuracy. Please note that, we do not only provide signals, but also provide 10-day ahead predicted price points, expected percentage change values and predictability indicators for every single asset listed under the available markets. Our algorithms give traders from more than 130 countries all over the world a huge advantage on picking the highest return and lowest risk stocks to invest in.

Subscribe to our services and take advantage of AI-enabled predictions in your investment decisions.

We wish you a successful trading week.

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