FinBrain Has Enabled Commodities Prediction Package

Upon many requests we have received from our customers living in different parts of the world, we have enabled the Commodities Prediction Package. Our algorithms have been proven to perform outstandingly well on Stocks, Foreign Currency Pairs, Cryptocurrencies and ETFs. Our customers, registered users and followers on social media have been consistently telling us to implement our algorithms for the Commodities markets as well. After many requests, we have created an action plan to find reliable data sources and to apply FinBrain’s Deep Learning Financial Prediction algorithms to the Commodities market. We have created data collection and processing algorithms for fetching the most reliable pricing data for more than a hundred commodities from eight data sources(markets).

Currently, some of our main data suppliers are: Chicago Mercantile Exchange(CME) and Intercontinental Exchange(ICE) which are among the largest futures exchanges in the world also providing CBOT, CSC, NYBOT, NYMEX and COMEX data, London Metals Exchange(LME) which is the leading marketplace for non-ferrous industrial metals such as Aluminum, Copper, Nickel, Tin and Zinc and Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries(OPEC) which is an association of 12 oil-producing countries.

We provide predictions for 40 main commodities under the following markets: Metals, Grains, Farms and Fishery, Crude Oil and Gasoline, Natural Gas, Coal, Agriculture Softs, Fruits and Nuts, Vegetable Oils, Forestry, Textiles and Fibres, Fertilizers and Chemicals and Commodity Indexes. Please note that, the total number of predicted commodities will eventually reach out to 160, spanning all assets listed under the mentioned markets, in addition to the 40 main commodities.

We would like to express how happy we are to develop cutting edge technologies that serve the traders and investors, in helping them maximizing their investment returns while minimizing the risks. Our technologies help amateur and professional investors with its powerful data analysis capabilities using Artificial Neural Networks. FinBrain’s implementation of AI in Finance is currently assisting people from 133 countries all around the world by giving them the chance to use the most advanced analysis and prediction tools.

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We wish you a successful trading week.

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