FinBrain Has Correctly Predicted S&P 500’s Record High

The S&P 500 broke above 3,000 for the first time, while the Nasdaq Composite and Dow Jones Industrial Average also reached all-time highs.

FinBrain has informed its clients 2 weeks before the US stocks surge. Our algorithms predict the stock price points for the next 2-week time period for all the assets listed under S&P500, NASDAQ, NYSE and DOW30 indices.

We were right on time to spot the entry points for this remarkable increase in the stock prices thanks to our Artificial Neural Network models that analyze stock price movements. By looking at the price movement characteristics of more than 6000 stocks, commodities and foreign currency pairs on a daily basis, FinBrain is capable of understanding the market dynamics way better than any other person or algorithm.

Extracting the hidden features in the stock prices and analyzing the market sentiment with the advanced Natural Language Processing techniques has given our customers an edge. Our algorithms serve our clients from 133 countries, in terms of spotting the best market opportunities before anyone else does.

Don’t be late to try our S&P500, NASDAQ, NYSE, Cryptocurrency, Foreign Exchange, ETFs and DOW30 prediction packages that will help you to catch the best trades, with an extra 20% discount when you choose to Subscribe.

We work hard to serve our clients with our powerful Deep Learning algorithms, that guarantees to maximize the market returns and minimize risks.

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