FinBrain’s Prediction Performance For Foreign Currencies 22-Apr-2019 – 03-May-2019

FinBrain keeps predicting the top movers of the S&P500, NASDAQ, NYSE, DOW30, Foreign Currency, Cryptocurrency and ETF markets with incredible accuracies.

Our Deep Learning algorithms analyze a number of qualitative and quantitative datasets for every single asset listed under the markets mentioned above. We collect pricing, technical and alternative data, and figure out how the changes in these datasets affect the future prices.

Our models assign different weights to different feature sets for every single asset, utilizing a network of artificial neurons, which is called a Deep Neural Network (DNN). Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) simply consist of a number of layers, each having large numbers of neurons. DNNs assign and optimize weights to input feature sets in order to predict the future price movements. This weight assignment and optimization process is called the Deep Learning from large datasets.

FinBrain’s Deep Neural Network models exhibit tremendous performance on predicting the future prices of the financial assets. Our prediction accuracy for the top suggested stocks/currencies almost never goes below 90%. The distinguishing factor in FinBrain’s algorithms is that, it provides the expected percentage change values and predicted price points for every single day in the next 10-day time frame.

It has once again been a successful time interval for FinBrain’s customers who utilized AI-Enabled predictions on their Foreign Currency trades. They enjoyed returns up to 3% and prediction accuracy up to 100% for the 2 week period between 22-Apr-2019 – 03-May-2019. The currency pairs given on the tables were provided to our customers the weekend before 22-Apr, as the Top-10 Gainer and Loser Pairs.

Top-10 Suggested 5-Day Long Positions

The Top-10 Suggested 5-Day Long Positions table shows the currency pairs FinBrain has provided to its customers the weekend before 22-Apr, which were expected to gain the most value. The prediction accuracy for the mentioned pairs is 90% at the end of the period, where the maximum return was yielded by USD-ZAR as 2.33%.

Top-10 Suggested 10-Day Long Positions

The Top-10 Suggested 10-Day Long Positions have yielded up to 3.1% return for the 2-week period, where the overall prediction accuracy was 90%.

Top-10 Suggested 5-Day Short Positions

Top-10 Suggested 5-Day Short Positions were also correctly predicted by FinBrain’s algorithm with 90% accuracy.

Top-10 Suggested 10-Day Short Positions

Finally, the Top-10 Suggested 10-Day Short Positions were predicted with a perfect 100% accuracy. Where the expected and real percentage change values are almost the same in most of the currency pairs.

FinBrain has brought financial asset price prediction to a whole new level. Visit our website and subscribe to a package of your interest with 20% discount. Don’t miss the opportunity to generate decent profits with the help of our AI algorithms.

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