Deep Diagnosis – Deep Learning Enabled Diagnosis Tool, powered by FinBrain Technologies

We are very happy and proud to introduce the new AI-Enabled Diagnosis Tool: Deep Diagnosis, powered by FinBrain Technologies.

Deep Diagnosis analyzes medical images for possible diseases, provides their likelihood values and the areas of focus using Deep Learning algorithms. The model we featured in, consists of 48 layers, having more than 20 Million parameters and has been trained on 6000 images.

Once you upload the chest X-Ray, the algorithms working on cloud servers scan the image for possible diseases and provide the results within 20-30 seconds.

Creating a Language Model Based Doctor

As the next steps, we will be working on adding more features to our diagnosis algorithm so that it can classify the images based on 14 widely known chest related diseases. We also work on incorporating a Natural Language Processing based model that works as a Q&A agent that takes the medical problems described by the patients as the input, understands the given data, predicts the likely disease and suggests a treatment as the output. The model we are trying to incorporate, is trained on approximately 1 million Q&As from medical websites, where the patients describe their status and real doctors answer their questions.

Next Steps in Medical AI Technologies

Deep Diagnosis eventually will reach out to a point where it gets any sort of medical data in form of blood test values, imagery or any sort of waveforms, patients’ description of their status. Then, combining numerical data, imagery and text data into an overall Deep Learning model, we will be able to accurately understand any possible diseases and suggest a treatment method. This breakthrough technology developed by FinBrain’s engineers will help the underserved patients, by enabling fast and accurate treatment with Artificial Intelligence.

AI at Humanity’s Service

We strongly believe that AI has many application ares in Finance and Healthcare, where many unsolved problems can be easily taken care of using the high-end hardware and software. As FinBrain Technologies, we are highly dedicated to solve people’s problems using Machine Learning algorithms and create an impact in different parts of the world. Whether it is stock prediction, investment optimization, drug discovery, disease detection or prevention, we believe that AI will serve the humanity at a large scale.

We definitely recommend you to have a look at the breakthrough medical technology we developed on,

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