FinBrain’s Prediction Performance For Foreign Currencies 25-Feb-2019 – 08-Mar-2019

FinBrain’s Foreign Currencies Package consists of the predictions for 256 Foreign Currency pairs with Australian Dollar(AUD), Canadian Dollar(CAD), Swiss Franc(CHF), Euro(EUR), British Pound Sterling(GBP), New Zealand Dollar(NZD), Turkish Lira(TRY), United States Dollar(USD) and South African Rand(ZAR) Base Currencies.

FinBrain Technologies’ optimal portfolio given on our website for the 25-Feb-2019 – 08-Mar-2019 period has correctly predicted 9 out of 10 foreign currency pairs and returned 1.47% on average. Please note that the predictions given below has been shared on FinBrain’s website on Feb, 23rd. The Top-10 pairs consist of the ones FinBrain had expected to gain the most value within the next two week time period.

Top 10 Foreign Currencies Expected To Increase In 10 Days – 25-Feb-2019 – 08-Mar-2019 Period – FinBrain Technologies

The Top 10 currency pairs that were suggested to be shorted according to FinBrain’s Deep Learning algorithms have been correctly predicted with 100% accuracy.

Top 10 Foreign Currency Pairs Expected To Lose Value In 10 Days – 25-Feb-2019 – 08-Mar-2019 Period – FinBrain Technologies

Let us remind you the fact that, our prediction accuracy is much better than ever before. We are now able to capture the price movements of the Stocks, Currency Pairs and ETFs with an incredible performance, thanks to the new features that we have implemented on our algorithm in terms of Data Processing, Optimization and Neural Network restructuring.

With the improved version of our algorithm, you are going to witness the performance boost on our prediction accuracy. We have conducted backtests for all markets and for different time periods, and we were amazed by the results. We strongly encourage you to utilize the improved model which will yield high returns.

The Recursive Charging – 20% Off on Subscriptions

We are also happy to announce that, instead of refreshing your subscription each time when the subscription period ends, you can now subscribe to our services using the recursive charging feature. You can choose the package of your interest, go for the “Subscription” option at the checkout, and our payments processor(PayPal) will charge you on the basis of your choice. Please don’t forget that you need a PayPal account to use this feature, and you can cancel your subscription any time on your PayPal dashboard.

The new subscription model will save you 20% on all purchases, and automate the renewal process.

We wish you a successful trading week.

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