FinBrain’s Prediction Performance for Dow Jones Stocks – 04-Feb-2019 – 15-Feb-2019

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW30) consists of 30 large cap stocks traded under NASDAQ and NYSE exchanges. Within 04-Feb-2019 and 15-Feb-2019 period, the DJIA index has yielded 2.78% return.

FinBrain’s predictions have been provided to its customers hours after the markets close on 01-Feb-2019. Our algorithms have correctly predicted the price movement directions of the 22 out of 30 stocks listed under the Dow Jones Industrial Average for the given time period.

Our algorithms start analyzing vast amounts of market data for thousands of equities every single day, right after the markets close. The Deep Learning models that we have developed at FinBrain Technologies look at various types of data for every single stock listed under S&P500, NASDAQ, NYSE, DOW30, Forex, Crypto and ETF Markets. Our datasets consist of daily stock open, high, low, close, volume values as well as a number of significant technical indicators and alternative data. These datasets cover a 10 year period for the assets listed under major stock markets.

Our mathematical models handle vast datasets for guarantee highly accurate and efficient calculations. A set of different signal processing and statistics operations are being applied to large amounts of data prior to the Neural Network learning process. The process called “learning” is conducted on high performance GPUs to ensure our prediction services are provided in a fast and efficient way. After learning from the different sets of data, our models become capable of predicting what is going to happen in the next time frame, in terms of stock price movements. The combination of statistical models, signal processing techniques, deep neural networks and advanced performance optimization methodologies provide accurate results for our customers.

The amateur and professional investors who subscribed to our Dow Jones Industrial Average prediction service have enjoyed great returns in just 2 weeks. The highest returned was yielded by the Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) as 7.88% where FinBrain provided a BUY signal with the expectation of 1.48% return. Among the Top 10 Stocks that we expected to increase the most and suggested a LONG position to our customers, we were able to predict the movement directions with 100% accuracy. This is the greatest indicator of the prediction performance of our algorithms.

Top 10 Stocks Expected To Increase In 10 Days – 04-Feb-2019 – 15-Feb-2019 Period – FinBrain Technologies

Our customers have already taken advantage of utilizing FinBrain’s AI Enabled stock prediction services and yielded up to 7.88% return in just 2 weeks. We are also happy that our customers who took LONG position in Top 10 stocks we have suggested, enjoyed a 100% stock prediction accuracy. All suggested LONG positions have yielded positive returns. In addition to that, we would like to get your attention to how close the expected and real percentage change values are to each other. A portfolio consisting of the Top 10 Dow30 stocks (assigning equal weights to all assets) provided by FinBrain Technologies on 01-Feb-2019, returned 3.62% in 2 weeks.

If you haven’t started utilizing our Deep Learning enabled financial predictions, just don’t be late to subscribe and generate profits consistently. Visit, sign up, choose the package of your interest and start using our state of the art solutions for stock market predictions.

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