ETF Predictions and Interactive Chart Enabled

We have great news !

FinBrain Technologies has just enabled the prediction service for the Exchange Traded Funds.

In addition to 6000 stocks/currency pairs listed under S&P500, NASDAQ, NYSE, DOW30, Cryptocurrency and Foreign Exchange Markets, our Artificial Intelligence algorithms analyze and predict 359 ETFs listed under NYSE Arca and NASDAQ Global Market. You can refer to the ETF Screener on Yahoo Finance for the list of ETFs we provide predictions for.

In addition to that, we are happy to announce that we have also enabled the Interactive Chart under the Overall section of the Markets Page. Now, you are able to do your own analysis utilizing 1min, 30min, 1hour interval data, as well as more than 80 Technical Indicators, within FinBrain’s website.

In the same Overall section, you will also be able to see the Most Active Stocks, Gainers, Losers as well as the live Economic Calendar. We work hard to add new features that will help you perform stronger analysis and trading decisions in order to maximize returns.

Don’t miss the opportunity of utilizing FinBrain’s Big Data and Deep Learning Technologies for spotting best market opportunities and maximizing stock returns. Don’t be late to choose the subscription package of your interest, and start generating alpha today.

We wish you a successful trading week, and work hard to support you with our cutting-edge prediction algorithms.

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FinBrain Technologies, 2019
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