FinBrain’s Foreign Exchange Prediction Performance – 07/05/2018-07/11/2018

FinBrain Technologies predicts currency pairs listed under forex market with cutting edge Artificial Intelligence algorithms

FinBrain’s Foreign Exchange packages provide Deep Learning powered future predictions for 264 currency pairs against AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, NZD, TRY, USD, ZAR Base Currencies. FinBrain’s predictions for the FOREX Market are updated on a daily basis, which enables the traders to reach the most up-to-date information and gives them the opportunity to enter a trade any day on the week. The 5-Day Prediction hit rate for all the assets listed under FinBrain’s Forex Prediction package is 74.22%. FinBrain has successfully modeled the future price movements of the listed currency pairs, and the generated buy/sell signals have correctly hit the movement directions of 190 out of 256 foreign currency pairs.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies developed by FinBrain Technologies, extract hidden features and correlations between large amounts of multi-dimensional financial datasets, and analyzes their non-linear time series behavior at speeds that no human can visualize or calculate.

FinBrain’s Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning Algorithms bring the Financial Prediction to the next level. Our cutting edge algorithms beat the traditional fundamental analysis and technical analysis approaches, which are old school techniques to predict the market instruments.

We already have members signed up for our services, from more than 75 countries all over the world. Our customers are, individual stock/commodity/foreign exchange traders/investors as well as some large financial institutions in the capital market.

We keep posting our prediction results for both markets listed among FinBrain’s services, periodically. In this post, you will see the prediction performances of the most traded currency pairs in the FOREX Market. The charts indicate the historical, predicted and the real price movements for 7 most traded currency pairs for 07/05/2018-07/11/2018 time period. You will also reach the expected and real change values for 256 foreign currency pairs at the bottom of this post.

You can subscribe to a package now, on and please don’t forget that, the AI is transforming the Financial World, and early adopters have the advantage.

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